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Each package includes a demonstration implementation EA for both the Client side and Server side, in order to demonstrate communication possibilities between the modules. With the included module, you can send trading signals from any MT4 account, duplicating all the trading activity (open/close/modify). Signals are transferred in real-time, and delays from the source execution to the client execution are as low as possible (limited by individual brokers). The Basic and Extended versions are separate packages, however you do not need to purchase the Basic version in order to use the Extended version.These files are delivered electronically and the option to include a physical CD at checkout time.
BFA MT4 Client/Server DLL Basic Version

BESTForexAutomation's Basic MT4 Client/Server DLL package has a limitation of fifteen(15) concurrently connected clients. Don't let the MT4 name dissuade you, MetaTrader 4 is not the only platform these DLL's can be used with.
BFA MT4 Client/Server DLL Extended Version

BESTForexAutomation's Extended MT4 Client/Server DLL Package extends the functionality of the feature packed basic package and enables you to additionally host unlimited  * 
*Your server must have the available resources to support the number of clients you wish to have connected concurrently*
clients. We also added to the extended version a built-in GUI to more effectively manage connected clients.
$699.95  Details | Download
$1399.95  Details | Download

Client/Server DLL Features
  • Prevents EA core logic code from being disassembled and/or stolen.
  • Protects Custom Indicator's core logic code from ex4 to mq4 dissassembler.
  • Encrypted data connection prevents packet sniffing from revealing valuable signals.
  • Multi-threaded code quickly passes signals to many connected computers.
  • Can be used to remotely copy trades, send indicators data, and more.
  • Your server can be MetaTrader or non-MetaTrader.
  • Highly customizable software solution.
  • Tools to block unauthorized users and connections come built in.

Each client who connects to your server uses a secure encrypted connection so that your proprietary data cannot be revealed by packet sniffing. Every time a client connects for the session it uses cryptographically safe methods of generating session keys. Every Client/Server package that is delivered to you is unique and no other Client/Server is compatible with your copy. Your clients cannot connect to anyone else's server, and no one other than your clients can connect to your server.

MT4 Client Server

Each package includes a demonstration trade copier EA for both the Client side and Server side, in order to demonstrate communication possibilities between the modules.

What messages you choose to have the server send and how you have the client side process those messages is ultimately up to you. Documentation of functions in the Client/Server DLLs and examples showing how to use them from the MetaQuotes MQL4 programming language are included.
*For other programming languages that your broker's API may be available for, including MQL5, please refer to those specific programming language's documentation for reference on how to import and access DLL functions.*

These files are delivered electronically. You have the option to include a physical CD at checkout time.

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